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Me? Well, I’m surrounded by family, steeped in books, in search of truth, looking at life through the lens of faith.

Fascinated with faith, family, culture, communication, ever learning and growing — and always looking for signals of grace. Cultivating a faith-informed view of culture that can open our eyes to what is now, to what is within, and to what is beyond.

I was “born to the chalk,” my dad would say. I love to teach and to learn. I deal in reading, writing, listening, watching.

At home in front of the college classroom or the high school classroom, armed with my Ph.D., ready to embark on new learning expeditions.

Author of a couple of books and a number of magazine articles, contributor to several websites.

Willing to share what I’m learning and¬†discovering,¬†for each day brings new treasure.

Will you join me?