Food for Thought on Friday

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Food for Thought on Friday


What’s lingering in your mind as you look back on this week?

A few things caught in the queue here…

  1. Celebration!

Thankfulness for a happily married life. We celebrated with a night out and plans for the future. There’s nothing better.

  1. A return to writing – of a different type.

I’ve been doing academic writing for the last four years, in pursuit of my Ph.D. Now that I’ve passed, walked, and own the hat, I’m a bit free to do other types of writing, too. I’m enjoying stretching the writing muscle by writing in several different directions.

  1. A return to reading for enjoyment.

For the last four years, my reading has been pretty much restricted to the degree. I have thoroughly enjoyed it, but I’ve missed having time to read for enjoyment. I’m getting caught up on the fiction I enjoy, finding new authors, and still pursuing academic reading that my degree has kindled.

  1. A look toward the future.

As I write, I’m planning what I will research and pursue and submit and post. That’s all much on my mind these days.

  1. Family blessings.

My thoughts linger on our family blessings and the anticipation of enjoying them this summer! We’ll be seeing family – including grands, of course.

Why not leave a comment? Let me know what lingering in your mind at the end of this week. I’m happy to be linking up with some bloggers I met years ago on Friday’s Fave Five. Click on over here if you’d like to join in the fun.



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  1. Barbara H.

    Congratulations on completing your degree! How nice to get back into fun reading and writing. Hope you have some great family visits!

  2. Wendy

    Congratulations on your degree. It must be a great sense of achievement but now to be able to write etc for yourself must also be a nice feeling.

  3. Karen

    Laura, so nice to see you blogging again! Congratulations on your degree! How nice that your reading time is your own again. You must have a list a mile long.

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